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In order to get unique, creative and fun backgrounds with the limited time and budget of a newborn shoot, Amanda Hutchings uses Newborn digital backgrounds for its composites.


In short, newborn composites combine your child’s photo taken in the studio on a plain background with a purchased digital background  (owned by Amanda Hutchings Photography) by using a Photoshop process called layering.  Amanda has over 20 years of experience in Adobe Photoshop and over 5 years of experience with Adobe Lightroom. Composites are time consuming to create, therefore only 5 composites are included in the newborn package.


Additional composites may be purchased for $25 each to cover editing time.


Also, please note, depending on the cooperation of the newborn, some poses/composites may not be possible, or they may look slightly different than originally pictured. Amanda will do her best to produce the best possible outcome.


Amanda Hutchings Photography offers nearly a 100 different backgrounds and is constantly adding to the library. If you have a special request, please message her and she will do her best to find a background suitable for that request.

Download the Digital Background and Composite Guide!

Digital Background and Composite Guide

Please choose 5 from the following: 

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